Vancey · Future Of Education – the next 10 years

The digital artefact for BCM325 was a little strange at first and it took some serious effort and  thinking to wrap my head around the concept, looking at the possible future of a certain topic. I guess it was the first time I had a dedicated focus for the project which meant that I had to do a lot more research instead of just making something. Which in turn added to the difficulty of the project, however it made the project more relevant for the professional portfolio moving forward towards graduation. Just like the past four DA’s that I have done, the original  idea that was pitched in week 3 was investigated but ultimately changed due to the feedback that I received. From both tutors, people online. I reached out to people  on reddit through r/socialmedia the response was not overall what i expected which led me to change my topic. 


Growing up, all I wanted to be was a teacher. So changing my focus from my new passion to my old one was relatively easy. I found this project really interesting and engaging.  Relevant research involved talking to my mother who is a trained teacher and now and technology consultant for the catholic diocese in bathurst. She was the one who led me to look at the framework behind education; The Melbourne declaration and the Alice Springs declaration as the base for my research. From there I was able to look at the physical changes that are due to happen as a result of the declaration goals. See the reference list at the end for all the articles I looked through. I utilised a variety of sources, from the actual declarations and other government documents like the gonski reports, to academic articles and news pieces.  There were great educational blogs that  somehow were recommended to me by wordpress. 


The utility of the digital artefact was to inform, alongside the focus for the subject. It is a topic that even now, (though my career direction has changed) I still find it interesting. Not only that but as a student you don’t appreciate or at the least understand the work that goes in behind the scenes to allow you as a student to grow and develop the critical thinking skills. The declarations for education are spaced out every 10 years, which aided me in understanding and implementing it as part of the key focus for this subject. To use an analogy, the path was paved, I then just had to take an educated guess. 


Unfortunately I was unable to meet my initial trajectory and plan, which was to execute three episodes and space them out 2 weeks apart. However i feel like the format that  i have gone with now, works just as well. This was of course due to covid as well as all my other class work catching up to me as I was caught in the research of 4 major works at the same time. 



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